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How Much is the Value of My Gold?

We wish to pay you the highest amount for your gold. Here's how we assess your offer:

  • Check your stuff for precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, or other.
  • Find out your precious metals' purity, using a Precious Metal Analyzer.
  • Add up the weight of all of your precious metals.
  • Determine whether your item is antique, designer brand, or has numismatic value.
  • If your jewelry has diamonds, we will evaluate the diamonds with the 4 C's. Will also check the diamonds with a diamond testing machine.

To calculate your payout, we consider all of this, as well as the day's current market price for previous metals.

Today's Market Price

Equipment we use to analyze precious metals and diamonds​

A high-tech diamond tester to differentiate lab-grown and natural diamonds with 100% accuracy. Which will give a result in just 15 seconds. ​

The Precious Metal Analyzer tests the purity and chemistry of all precious metals in a quick, accurate, and, most importantly, nondestructive manner. The Precious Metal Analyzer quickly detects gold plating and counterfeit gold and provides the exact elemental composition of jewelry and coins so you can be confident in the precious metals' value during our examination process.